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Rep2excel is Oracle Report to Excel Converter

Oracle Reports is a set of wonderful software, but you may think it is difficult to get pretty excel report by Oracle Reports.

We offer Rep2excel Software to output rich format excel report from your oracle reports.

The Rep2excel is developed for Oracle Report; it can convert oracle report output to excel format. In other words it can enhance your Oracle Reports Server to generate output with rich formatting from paper layout reports to Excel format

Rep2excel Family

Name Run On User Interface Description

Windows OS.

Run on server or pc

Command line and CGI (Common Gateway Interface)

Rep2excel is a win32 console application, It can convert .html file generated by oracle report server (6i, 9i, 10g etc) to ms-excel format.

Rep2excel supports command line interface and CGI interface, The are 2 ways to run Rep2excel.

  • Run it by DOS windows or call it by HOST function in Oracle Forms.
  • Put it to the CGI directory or you Apache server, and then call it by URL( You can use web.show_document() function in Oracle Forms).

You can integrate it into your application easily. For more information please click Rep2excel CGI & CLI Edition.

Rep2excel Server

Windows OS.

Run on server

CGI and Command line

Rep2excel is a CGI application, it should be install in web server.

Rep2excel Server contains built-in web server, you do not need extra web server at all. One the other hand, you will keep away from configuring the web server.

Rep2excel Server = Web Server + Rep2excel Utility.

Rep2excel Server is easy to install and integrate. For more information please click Rep2excel Server


Win/Linux/Unix/Mac etc

Run on server

CGI only

J-Rep2excel is java-based web server with Rep2excel engine embedded

The j-Rep2excel is significantly faster than the Rep2excel developed by VC. Because the j-Rep2excel call the Apache POI to get excel output.

For more inforamtino please click the Faster Rep2excel

RepExpert Pro

Windows OS.

Run on pc

GUI (Graphical User Interface)

We also offer a Win32 GUI application that can convert oracle reports into excel.

This product is intended for pc, not the server.

If is also a professional printing tool for Oracle Reports. For more information please click RepExpert printing tool.

About the Products for Oracle

We offer Rep2excel product since 2003. There are more than 3000 companies choose Rep2excel to generate excel report.

Since 2008, we deliver the GTD Excel Report Server. It is also a web-based, platform independent, database independent, rapid development excel report server.

Sample outupt of Rep2excel

Excel Report Solution for All Types of Database
  GTD Excel Report Server is web-based reporting solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses create, manage, and deliver rich-format excel reports via the web or embedded in enterprise applications.


Key features

  • Rapid Development
  • Rich format ( The output of GtdReport contains colors, multi-fonts, charts, formula and so on.)
  • Easy to integrate with your application
  • Platform Independent
  • Database independent
  • Visual Report Template Designer
  • Dynamic Reports
  • Multi-Language Reports

For more information, please click GTD Excel Report Server.

Excel Report Sample
Other Products

send e-mail componentemail component

CmdEmail support command line interface, you call the program through command line. Supposed you have configed the program, you can send email to somebody just use a dos command. e.g.


For more inforamtion please see CmdEmail email component.

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